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3. Importance of Encocrine Glands for Perfact Health

            Endocrine glands play most important role in our life. Just like root for the existence of a tree & foundation is important for a building, although directly they are not visible. Similarly for our existence proper functioning & harmony of glands is essential.

            Do we ever think what we are & why we are? Who & how our nature is being controlled? Who monitor our growth and stop after certain age automatically? Why few persons are extra ordinary tall or fat, whereas few are lean and thin? Why few students become intelligent but others may remain dull even after taught by same teachers? All these can be well understood by knowing the functions of these glands. The malfunctioning of these glands are main causes for more than 75% diseases. Even in modern advance allopathy no simple methods are available to regulate & cure these glands.

            The Endocrine glands are mainly responsible for most of our activities like mobility, growth, immunity, radiance, metabolism, generation, stabilization, co-ordination & harmony among all organs etc. All our thoughts, knowledge, conduct, emotions etc, are governed by these glands. Fear, grief, worry, anxiety, tension and bad habits of eating, drinking, wearing, thinking, over medication or use of wrong medicines, disturb proper functioning  of these glands. Therefore anybody who is interested for his good health must prevent himself from such life style. In Acupressure stimulating reflex points on sole or palm, these glands can be regulated to function properly. Therefore everybody must learn this simple method to get rid off basic causes of many diseases and for maintaining physical, mental and spiritual harmony.

Important Endocrine Glands:-

            There are eight main Endocrine Glands exits in body.

  1. Pituitary 2. Pineal 3. Thyroid                  4. Para thyroid
  2. Thymus 6. Pancreas 7. Adrenal                  8. Gonads

            All these glands work like the cabinet of our central government and have joint responsibilities to work with harmony. Each gland produces one or more harmones as per the responsibility allotted to them,  and broadcast the same, which passes through nervous system in blood stream and can reach at the remotest part of the body immediately. The malfunctioning of any one gland may disturb the working of all other glands. calm & quite, tension free, balance mental attitude which maintain proper functioning glands of endocrine The Success of our life is dependent on our Right Knowledge. Right Thought and Right Conduct.

  1. Pituitary Glands:-

            The size of this gland is like a pea and is situated at the base of brain attached to hypothalamus. It is known as master gland of body and produces various harmones specifically for all other glands and supervise the working of all glandular system.

            Its basic harmones control Skelton growth and development of gonads, maturation of the reproductive cells and secretion of milk by mammary gland. It influence rythm of heart, any type of growth for soft and hard tissues, temperature balance of body, metabolism with the help of other glands, strength of muscles, mobility, agility, hair of the head, spiritual and mental attitude which decide our mode of life and development of human qualities and control all sensible nerves.

  1. Pineal Gland:-

            It is located deep within the central part of the brain. It has got direct relation with reproductive organs and develops desire of sex. It acts like manager of an industry or chief secretary of prime minister and is having the responsibilities for proper administration, harmony and co-ordination with all other organs. Also at the time of emergency to pass necessary instruction and their implementation is its main job. If this gland is malfunctioning, people cannot take right and correct decision timely and becomes un-stabilized confused having improper deceives power.

  1. Thyroid Glands:-

            It is located in the middle of neck and "H" shape. They are two in numbers. The function of Thyroid glands is to control fundamental metabolism of body, digestive system, use of oxygen and discretion of carbon-dioxide, capacity to hold urine, voice, sluggishness of tissues and densification of bones and help in formation of teeth. It helps to control growth with other glands, strengthen muscles. It also helps in mental development and to promote the functional activity of adrenal and gonads keep reproductive organs clean and thus regulate MC in ladies.

            Most of the iodine present in body is found in this gland in the form of amino acid which is responsible for stimulating and self-healing particularly at the time of accident, fracture and other injuries.

            It works like storage battery or spark generator for the body. If thyroid battery is discharged in Thyroid becomes inactive, we get tired and gain weight rapidly, skin may become dry and person may become lazy, dull, impatience, apathetic etc. in attitude. However, if this gland becomes overactive person may lose weight become moody, talkative, irritate more sensitive and cannot be handled easily.

            This gland is affected by depressed mental attitude, grief and disappointment. Thyroid produces thyroxin which increases the rate of activity of almost all of the chemical reactions, in all the cells of body and therefore it is known as ENERGY GLAND.

            Thyroid control skin condition. Under active thyroid may result in dryness of skin while overactive thyroid may cause warm skin with a tendency of more perspiration.

  1. Para-thyroid Glands:-

            Behind the thyroid gland on both sides these glands are imbedded and control the level of calcium and phosphorus in the blood. Calcium involved in blood clotting, contraction of muscles and action of nerves.

            Most of the phosphorous in the body is combined with calcium in the bone. The excretion of phosphorous is closely linked to that of calcium. The job of parathyroid is to take calcium from the reservoir and add it to the body fluid when needed resulting bones to become light, porous and brittle.

            If level of calcium is increased in blood it starts depositing in kidney, which may develop kidney stone. If calcium starts depositing on muscles condition of Rheumatism may develop and which may result in cramps. However, if calcium start depositing on joints then it may develop Arthritis.

            Patient, calm and quietness, firmness and helping nature represent positive emotion of this gland.

  1. Thymus Gland:-

            It is located in between neck and heart which develop immunity during childhood and protect the children from infection. It helps to control the growth of body and reproductive organs but shrinks in size during adulthood. It is also believed that in old age this gland again become active.

  1. Adrenal Glands:-

            Adrenal are a pair of flattened yellowish organ about two inches height and one inch width and about one & half inch thick and they are located right above each kidney.

            Strength is hidden within these glands, which is brought in to effect in times of immediate danger and gives us courage and strength to successfully cope with any emergency in life. Its secretion governs the amount of vitality and resistance build up in our body to fight and resist diseases.

            The blood stream is very kind to theses glands since aorta pumps a rich supply to them. Adrenal produces different hormones controlling various activities of body e.g. movement, contraction or expansion of muscles and removing waste material from body.

            Its harmones are capable for preparing any medicines required by the body to fight against any disease and develop courage, confidence, positive and fearless attitude.

            It prevents body from all type of allergies. Vaccination without diagnosis in childhood, over medication, fear and tension may spoil these glands.

  1. Pancreas Gland:-

            This is a compound reccmose gland of pyramidal shape about 8 inch long, 1.5 inch wide and 1 inch thick. It is situated transversely across the posterior wall of the abdomen behind the stomach and in front of second I umber vertebra.

            Pancreas produces both external and internal secretion. The external secretion called pancreatic juice containing alkalinizing bicarbonate and digestive enzymes. The internal secretion called insulin and glycogen which help in regulation of carbohydrate metabolism, including the use of glucose by the tissues cells as well as the formation of glycogen into glucose in lever. The malfunctioning of this gland may results in diabetes, digestive problems and mental depression.

  1. Gonads:-

            It controls sexual activity. Due to importance of productive organs other glands also play important role in its activities. Pineal develop the desire of sex, thyroid put it into action, pituitary develop growth and gonads control over all these activities. Adrenal and gonads work in close co-operation in producing their hormone so that body can be prevented from allergies. For those women who had been operated for uterus and due to these hormones of ovaries are not available in blood, if such ladies pituitary, Adrenal and Thyroid Gland are activated, it is possible to fulfill the requirement of ovaries hormones. Magnetic and attracting personality is the result of proper functioning of this gland. It also helps in proper functioning for maintaining temperature balance, improving voice, growth of hair and balance development of body.

            Thus it is essential to maintain proper harmony and co-ordination in the functioning of glands which will keep our organs free of emotional and environmental toxin necessary for smooth and abundant flow of acquired and balance energy throughout the body. Since disease is the product of strain, stress and tension that may result fear, worry, grief, anger, anxiety, irritation, disappointment etc. which are direct, enemies of glands. Therefore we must develop Right knowledge, Right Thinking and Right conduct for living a happy and healthy life. Acupressure is the simplest way for controlling glands and thus for maintaining physical, mental and spiritual balance which are essential for perfect health.        

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